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"Mr. McEachin is a sensational actor and a true patriot.”
--Gerard Arpey / Chairman & CEO, American Airlines

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A few of McEachin's credits:

True Grit, Buck and the Preacher, 2010: A Space Odyssey, Every Which Way But Loose, Play Misty For Me, Fuzz, Sudden Impact, Reveille, Old Glory

Tenafly, First Monday, Perry Mason, Matlock, Emergency, Dragnet, Murder She Wrote, Police Story, All in the Family

Following his service in the United States Army, McEachin attended the police academy and served for a brief time as a New Jersey police officer. Illness led him from New Jersey to Los Angeles where he spent a year in recovery before he would enter the music profession as a producer and worked with the likes of Eartha Kitt, Otis Redding and the Fury’s under the monicker Jimmy Mack.

After a few years in the music industry McEachin fell into acting when he happened onto a fellow who offered him a job in an upcoming movie. McEachin reluctantly accepted the offer because he was indeed out of a job and though he knew nothing of what an actor does he jumped right into what would later prove to be an accomplished career in acting. McEachin’s potential was not lost on directors and coupled with his quick willingness to work and ability to play multiple roles, he moved swiftly into the role of actor. McEachin would become a pioneer for African-Americans in film and television as he took on the role of Harry Tenafly and became the first black man to have his own dramatic series on NBC called Tenafly.

McEachin built an accomplished career in acting with over 150 film and television credits to his name and worked beside such greats as John Wayne, Bette Davis, Henry Fonda Clint Eastwood, and Sidney Poitier. After "retiring" from acting McEachin would go on to become a writer and would return to acting when he debuted his one man play, Above the Call; Beyond the Duty at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC on July 29, 2008.